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Alumax Shower Enclosures Fabricated by Glaz Tech Ind

Alumax Shower Enclosures

Today's market calls for availability not limitations on every level of glass, hardware and design. With that in mind, Glaz-Tech Industries introduces Alumax Bath Enclosures. Glaz-Tech’s integrated fabrication capabilities, alongside with Alumax’s dynamic product line, gives you far more options for basic or highly complex designed enclosures. A shower enclosure’s elegant presentation says a lot about the craftsmanship and the owner. Go with a certified distributor that fabricates quality product and provides endless ideas for even the simplest bath enclosure.

Advantages of Alumax Enclosures

The look of a finished product is key. Alumax’s longevity of hardware and array of styles in which to choose from ensures both the sustainability and beautifully designed bath enclosure. Factor that in with Glaz-Tech’s fabricated glass product and take full advantage of faster lead-times, textured glass options, and an end product that truly defines the word, Customized Bath Enclosures.

Product Availability

  • Classic Series
  • Designer Series
  • Pipeline Series
  • StikStall™ (Build Your Own)
  • Framed / Semi-frameless Sliders
  • Pivot & Continuous Shower Hinges
  • KD - Chrome / Brushed Nickel / Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Color Hardware Chrome | Brushed Nickel | Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Fabrication & Ordering System

    With Glaz-Tech’s high output and long line of new and improving products we offer you not only the best customer support but very competitive pricing. A combination of Glaz-Tech’s custom sized fabricated glass and Alumax’s beautifully designed hardware you no longer have to do your own deductions. Simply send Glaz-Tech the opening dimensions and color of metal and watch the rest unfold. Glaz-Tech’s new shower enclosure line makes for better product and a smooth transition when placing an order. Glaz-Tech’s fully functional ordering system makes it easier to process without leaving any important information, dimension or hardware left unnoticed. Glaz-Tech also offers different enclosure configurations such as ‘Neo-Angle’, ‘Buttress-Return’ and ‘Inline-Buttress Return’ to mention a few to accommodate the design of your shower enclosure.

    • StikStall Shower Door Models

      StikStall™ Shower Door Models

    • Pivot & Hinge Shower Door Models

      Pivot & Hinge Shower Door Models

    • Sliding Shower Door Models

      Sliding Shower Door Models

    Engineered for Ease of Installation, Safety, Leak Prevention and Overall Durability - Alumax Shower Enclosures