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Bent Glass Calculator

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Convex Chord Radius Depth Girth
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How to Measure for Bent Glass

The first step is to verify that the glass size meets our tempering furnace requirements which has a maximum bed size of 141" x 82" or minimum of 31" x 20".

Measuring the Convex Chord
The convex chord, or width, is the distance between two endpoints of the curve. Your measurement is recommended to be taken on the outside of the glass. This is typically the first measurement required and entered in the bent glass calculator.

Measuring the Depth
To determine the radius of the curve you will need to measure the depth next. This is done by measuring the outer top of the curve and taking half the measurement of the convex chord as illustrated to the right.

What is My Radius?
Enter your chord and depth measurements in our glass calculator and it will calculate your final radius (in inches). This will also provide us with the girth measurement which determines the total distance around the bent piece of glass.

Bent and Curved Glass Parameters

  • Max Height: 82"
  • Max Girth: 141"
  • Max Glass Size: 141" x 82"
  • Min Glass Size: 31" x 20"
  • Max Radius of 600"

Glass Thickness and Minimum Radiuses

  • 1/4" Glass Min Radius: 63"
  • 3/8" Glass Min Radius: 70"
  • 1/2" Glass Min Radius: 78"
  • 3/4" Glass Min Radius: 98"

3D View Diagram of Bent Glass

Curved and Bent Glass Measurement Diagram

Top View Diagram of Bent Glass

Top View Diagram of Bent Glass