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Glaz Shield Shower Enclosures

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Glaz-Tech Industries introduces an efficient glass coating that is economical and exceeds todays standards in questions of protection and maintaining a clean shower enclosure. Its advanced coating protects and minimizes water spots, rust and mineral deposits which in time may discolor and permanently damage a once beautiful shower enclosure. Order Glaz-Shield coatings for maximum longevity and preventative care for any shower enclosures fabricated by Glaz-Tech Industries.

Please check with your local facility for availability.

Glaz-Shield Care & Cleaning Recommendations

To keep Glaz-Shield glass looking beautiful for beyond 10 years, simply giving the glass a weekly clean will remove the majority of any buildup. Because Glaz-Shield does not require the use of specific products, you are free to clean with the products most suited to your lifestyle.

Our Recommendations Include

  • After each use: Squeegee or dry the glass. This makes it impossible for spots to form, and significantly reduces cleaning time, effort, and frequency.
  • Weekly: Dampen a microfiber cloth and add a dollop of liquid soap, wipe the glass, rinse and dry. This will remove soaps, oils, fats, conditioners, and many other materials.
  • As needed: Dampen a sponge or Magic Eraser with white vinegar, wipe the glass, rinse and dry. Saturate the pad as needed until minerals are removed.
  • Nearly all consumer-grade cleaning products are compatible with Glaz-Shield, including: alcohols, ammonia, solvents, CLR, green cleaners, and generic safe spray cleaners such as Glass Plus.
  • What Not to Use:
    *Avoid products containing abrasives. This includes polishes, toothpaste, water spot removers, rough, or gritty substances.
    *Avoid extremely alkali products with a PH over 12.

What is Glaz-Shield

Glaz-Shield is an advanced coating topically applied to a shower enclosure after it has been tempered by a certified technician. The coating causes water to visibly bead on the glass and protects the surface from deterioration and staining caused by minerals and other corrosive water elements. Glaz-Shield product, offered by Glaz-Tech Industries, is EnduroShield’s commercial invisible treatment guaranteed to remain visibly water repellent on clean glass for beyond 10 years on a single application.

Glaz-Shield Advanced Protection Features

  • Can be applied to any thickness or substrate.
  • Resists stains and discoloration.
  • Requires less cleaning.
  • Does not require expensive specialty cleaners or maintenance programs.
  • Will never crack, chip, peel or discolor.
  • Glaz-Shield is an invisible treatment that repels water, soap scum and grime.
  • Stays cleaner for longer, in between cleans.
  • Minimal maintenance needed to keep the glass clean.
  • 10 Year Performance Warranty that water will visibly bead on glass.