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Low E Residential Windows

Residential Insulated Glass

Glaz-Tech Industries fabricates energy-efficient insulating units for residential applications to help you conserve energy and save money. Levels of performance and appearances are customized to meet the client's request to battle hot or cold temperatures that will help create and maintain a pleasant atmosphere indoors. Choose from several low-e coatings that will keep you cool during summer and warm during winter. Check our performance values below from our respected manufacturers or download our Xtreme Low-E Brochure.


  • Saves on heating and cooling by reducing air-to-air heat transfer.
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your home while reducing the amount of energy being used.
  • Increases personal comfort and aids in energy conservation.
  • Minimizes sound transmission.
  • Highest condensation resistance.
  • Fabricated with primary & secondary seal to maximize sealing properties.
  • Custom fabrication in conjunction with various low-e products.
  • Customized IG's for areas with hot or cold climates.

Explaining IG Units

Customized IG's for residential applications can certainly have an impact in the way your home manages thermal performance. Insulated units keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter by reducing air-to-air transfer. This is produced by having two panes of glass separated by a spacer and trapping air in between. The insulating process then reduces the rate in which heat or cold travels within a unit. Applying a low-e coating on one of the four surfaces can furthermore increase your units thermal performance, how much heat loss is allotted (U-Value), how much light passes through a window (Visible Light Transmittance) and solar radiation admitted through a window (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). These factors are one of several that can have an impact in the way your home conserves energy. Please contact your local GTI Sales Rep to help you customize or give you further information on IG’s.

Low-E Performance Values

IG Unit Size : 1/8" Low-E | 1/2" Air Space | 1/8" Clear Glass

Product Visible Transmittance UV U-Value Winter SHGC
No Coating
82 60 .48 .78
Comfort E2
76 45 0.35 .66
LoĒ 270
70 14 0.29 .37
LoĒ 366
64 5 0.29 .28
RLE 70 / 36
70 30 0.29 .37
RLE 55 / 27
55 18 0.29 .28
Sungate 500
76 49 0.35 .66

*The performance values above have been listed alphabetically and provided by AGC, Cardinal, Guardian and PPG respectively without bias. Our manufacturers reserve the right to change product performance values without notice or obligation. **Performance values last updated on Jan 1st, 2013.